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The House On The Edge Of The ParkSo another month comes around, much like an unwanted guest, but talking about unwanted guests we’ve got the idea competition for you.

We’re giving the chance for 2 people to win a copy of Shameless Screen Entertainment’s The House on the Edge of the Park. The tale of unwanted party guests run-a-muck, so read on to find out more and how to enter.

The House on the Edge of the Park

When Ruggero Deodato, the director of über-controversial CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, teamed up with David Hess, the notorious -“Krug”- star of The Last House on the Left, their maverick talents exploded in the feat of unrelenting sleaze that is THE HOUSE ON THE EDGE OF THE PARK.

Alex (Hess) is a psychopath and his friend Ricky (Giovanni L Radice) an easily led simpleton. When the unlikely pair are invited to an upscale house party where they are ridiculed by their debauched young hosts, Alex decides that he and his straight edged razor deserve some fun. Together the two streetwise punks take the unprepared partygoers on a journey of violence, debasement and forced sex. And that’s before events turn really nasty…

Deodato’s unwavering gritty direction keeps the tension unbearably tight and the psychological nuances of Hess and Radice’s powerhouse performances deliver uncomfortably challenging scenes so close to the bone that this originally banned Video Nasty remains one of the most contentious pictures in UK censorship history.

Shameless Screnn Entertainment

So now that you know what is on offer, how do you go about winning it? Well it’s easy; all you have to do is enter the phrase that pays in the comments section at the bottom of the page and wait to see it you are one of the lucky winners selected after the closing date. But what is the phrase that pays? I hear you cry. Well here it is:

I want to crash the Shameless Party, but don’t take the piss, or else!

So enter and good luck and don’t forget you can also catch-up on all things Shameless and Cult-Labs!

Terms and conditions

The closing date of the competition is Monday 30th April 20.00GMT.
All entrants must include the phrase that pays.
All entrants must supply a valid email address (will not be published).
Only ONE entrant per valid email address.
Attack From Planet B has the right to remove entrants if any of the above have not been followed.
Attack From Planet B’s word is final!
This competition is being run by Attack From Planet B and has no connection to Shameless Screen Entertainment.


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