Say Hello to “Assault on Planet A” or Else!

Assault on Planet AWe here at Attack From Planet B are not the only “Planet” in the movie world, yes there is Planet Hollywood, the American food outlet, with dubious film related guff stuck to the walls. There is also Forbidden Planet, the renowned geek fest of a shop and seller of all things that would make the characters of The Big Bang Theory spend their university grants in a heartbeat.

However, there is one “Planet” that would take all these on and more, put them in a headlock and stuff napalm down their pants just for fun. That “Planet” is Assault on Planet A, the bigger hard brother of Planet B and where action movies come to explode.

Assault on Planet A - Where action movies explode

Assault on Planet A is here for an assault on your movie going senses, we’re here for an assault on your movie going appetites, we’re here for an Assault on Planet A; the action movie website to explode across the internet with views, reviews and much, much more from the world of action movies.

We’ll bring the great and the good, the bad and the sad, the mighty and the muscular, the fast and the furious. We will be your one stop shop for all things that fight, explode, speed, attack and shoot its way onto the movie screen.

So head to new big brother on the block, Assault on Planet A, where action movies explode.


Adam Akers