New Bad Ass Trailer

Bad Ass (2012) TrailerInspired by “The Epic Beard Man” of YouTube fame, Danny Trejo is a one man army taking on the ASBO generation of LA’s mean streets. It’s OAP in the Hood!

The original YouTube clip, which you can see here, is of the epic bread men dishing out some whoop-ass on a mouthy youth on a public bus, which has now had over 5 million views.

It seems that Bad Ass is in the style of Death Wish with Trejo is the Harry Brown of the piece, dishing out justice to the gangs and ne’er do wells of LA after his war buddy is killed by a local gang. Also on board this bonkers of a premise is Ron Perlman and Charles S Dutton. It comes out this April in the USA, however, the UK are still awaiting a release date.


Adam Akers