Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon

Hybrid 3DThe inmate up in front of the video dungeon parole board first, is the movie Hybrid 3D, with the premise to end all premise; a giant chameleon vampire squid that turns into a self-driving car, out for victims to squish. And Kim says “If there aren’t sequels I’ll be disappointed”, so one to lookout for there, just on the idea alone.

EvidenceWe all know about the plethora of “found footage” films that have come out since it all began back with The Blair Witch Project, but here is another one trying to escape the dungeon now, Evidence;  a tale of teenage camping gone bad with a Bigfoot style monster. It’s mixes elements from many other “found footage” films, such as [REC], Cloverfield and a bit Blair Witch for good measure, so Kim gives his comments as “If you’re not feed up to the back teeth with these things, it’s worth sticking with this for the fireworks”.

The Big BangNow in the dungeon we seem to have an a-lister that seems to have wondered into Kim’s clutches. Antonio Banderas plays a PI trying to find a missing stripper for a hulking ex-con. With shady characters and a particle accelerator, all wrapped up in a film noir remake of Raymond Chandler’s Farewell My Lovely.

A Horrible Way To DieFinally we bring you Kim Newman’s Dungeon Breakout, A Horrible Way to Die, which first seems to dawdle, but end with a gripping and surprising last act. About an escaped prisoner who makes his way back to his guilt-ridden alcoholic wife, who was the one who turned him in. However, with a new boyfriend on the scene, things might not all be what they seem. Kim’s view for this breakout release is that it’s impressively acted and has a couple of real shocks.

For the full Video Dungeon review get the April copy of Empire magazine.


Adam Akers