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Dawn Of The Dragon Slayer Competition – Closed

Dawn Of The Dragon Slayer CompetitionThanks to the geart people at Cult-Labs we able to bring you the chance to win 1 of 3 copies of the action fantasy film Dawn of the Dragon Slayer. The films tells the story of Will, a guy setting out to avenge a fire-breathing, flying dragon after killing his father. There’s a love story in here too and plenty of human drama to really flesh the film out and give you everything you need in a bit of escapist fun.

Check out thes quotes from some great reviews if you want to know more about this great little film…

Have a bit of hack and slash if you likeQuotes

“”…extraordinary and interesting. It couldn’t have cost much more than most SyFy movies, yet the things that don’t depend on money–talent, the desire to do good work, and belief in the project at hand–nudge it into the realm of real cinema. It’s low budget, but not low rent….from the first epic shot of Ireland’s coast to the final romantic image, it’s clear that real love and attention was put into Dawn of the Dragonslayer. There’s a film here bigger than its budget, and I hope it finds an audience” – Film review: “Dawn of the Dragonslayer” | Alex Bledsoe

“…The special effects and underscoring were incredibly impressive. The dragon itself looked phenomenal… ” – Review: Dawn of the Dragonslayer | Nerds in Babeland

“…a pleasant surprise…Director Anne Black’s next film also involves dragons and I hope that it is a direct sequel and the story of Kate and Will deserves to be continued. ” – DAWN OF THE DRAGONSLAYER | Film Radar

That's hot stuffSo now that you know what is on offer in our Dawn of the Dragon Slayer competition, how do you go about winning a copy? Well it’s easy; all you have to do is enter the phrase that pays in the comments section at the bottom of the page and wait to see it you are the lucky winner selected after the closing date. But what is the phrase that pays? I hear you cry. Well here it is:

I’m a Dragon Hunting Son Of A Slayer.

So enter and good luck and don’t forget you can also catch-up on all things Anchor Bay and Cult-Labs!

Terms and conditions

The closing date of the competition is Thursday 23rd February 20.00GMT.
All entrants must include the phrase that pays.
All entrants must supply a valid email address (will not be published).
Only ONE entrant per valid email address.
Attack From Planet B has the right to remove entrants if any of the above have not been followed.
Attack From Planet B’s word is final!
This competition is being run by Attack From Planet B and has no connection to Anchor Bay Entertainment.


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