Robocop @The Rio

Robocop @ The RioPart man. Part machine. All cop. In January 2012, witness the future of law enforcement at the Rio Cinema.

Cigarette Burns always delight in bringing you obscure curios and awesome nuggets from the nether reaches of genre cinema, and it’s rare that they’ll screen a film that your mother will have heard of.

If they were ever going to break our own rules it’d be for this man, however: tell your mother to clear her schedule on the 21st January, because for the first time ROBOCOP is coming uncut and in HD to the Rio Cinema, Dalston. An unsurpassed blend of satire, police drama, exploitation and sci-fi, this is a film so good it requires a statue…

I'd but one of those for a dollarIn the not too distant future Detroit, good cop and family man Alex Murphy is murdered in a horrific encounter with a sadistic criminal gang. However, the monolithic corporation OCP offers him a new lease of life, utilising what’s left of his brain and body in the prototype for a new and improved brand of law enforcement – Robocop.

The experiment has an immediate impact on the Detroit underworld, with the half-man, half-machine accomplishing in one night more than most policemen manage in their whole careers. But when politics in the OCP boardroom turn violent, and an ugly vein of white-collar corruption is unveiled, the seemingly superhuman Robocop suddenly finds himself in genuine danger. Perhaps only Alex Murphy can save him…

Stay out of trouble!Violent, deranged, piercing, and brilliant, Cigarette Burns is proud to present: ROBOCOP.

As usual we’ll have the Flashback DJs spinning celluloid flavoured classics before and after the film, and our friends at Psychotronic will be selling DVDs, books, and many more items of wallet-tempting cult ephemera.

Tickets are £7.50. The film starts around 23.30, with the bar staying open throughout the film until 2.30AM. The Rio Cinema has great transport links and is easy to get to:

67, 76/N76, 149 (24-hr), 243 (24-hr), & 488 stop right outside the Rio

The Rio is 5 minutes from both Dalston Junction and Dalston Kingland stations (both London Overground)

Further info here.


Adam Akers