Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon

InkubusSo as the New Year starts, Kim is already a month ahead of us with his February round-up of the horrors out there is movie land.

So the first inmate up before the gaoler is an icon of all things horror, Robert Englund in Inkubus. Englund is a demonic serial killer who confesses to the Black Dahlia and Jack The Ripper murders and finds it fun to torment and kill the inhabitants of a-soon-to-be-closed police station, Think Precinct 13 with demons.

The ExterminatorNext we have the first of two Arrow Video releases in the dungeon with The Exterminator. A street revenge thriller, with the weakest-chinned vigilante in exploitation film (Robert Ginty), according to Kim. With his flamethrower and meat-mincer in hand he heads off to take on the gang-bangers, drug dealers and mobsters of the mean streets, to right some wrongs.

FrankenhookerThe next Arrow Video release in the a cult classic and one that we here at Attack From Planet B have covered in a fantastic retrospective, Frankenhooker, a self-aware pastiche of Frankenstein movies past. With a scientist who makes hookers explode to use their body parts to reconstruct his lawnmower-dismembered girlfriend, nice.

Tales From EuropeFinally Kim brings us his Dungeon Breakout release and this time it something from our childhoods. But for me it’s something that I wished had stayed there. Kim thinks this release should be allowed out amongst good people. So what is this horror from our childhood? It’s Tales From Europe, that wired selection stories including such tales as The Singing Ringing Tree and the Tinderbox. All to terrifying for me, sorry.

For the full Video Dungeon review get the February copy of Empire magazine.

Adam Akers