New Battleship Trailer

New Battleship TrailerThis coming May, Hollywood will unleash another one of its CGI extravaganzas on the unwitting public, with Battleship. Another Hasbro toy based movie, as was Transformers; and talking of Transformers, from this new trailer you will think you are watching the next sequel in the all-conquering robot franchise, not something based on a little board game were you use to stick begs into a grid and shout B 7.

So fire up the trailer and set your brain to neutral and let all common-sense fly out the window, enjoy.



Liam Neeson … Admiral Shane

Taylor Kitsch … Alex Hopper

Alexander Skarsgård … Stone Hopper

Brooklyn Decker … Samantha

Reila Aphrodite … Sam

Rihanna … Raikes

Directed By … Peter Berg

Adam Akers