The Good Bad Movie Club Season Continues

The Good Bad Movie Club @ The Prince Charles CinemaThe Good Bad Movie Club season continues at The Prince Charles Cinema on the Tuesday 6th December, with their next screening, the camp sci-fi classic Flash Gordon.  With Brain “GORDON’S ALIVE” Blessed in toe, Sam J. Jones as Flash, has to save earth from the evil Ming and along the way save the lady in distress.

So for further information on the films being shown in the season and for details of how to get tickets read on.

Tuesday 6th December – FLASH GORDON

After subjecting Earth to a series of natural disasters, Ming the Merciless has designs on obliterating Earth once and for all. But he hasn’t counted of football star Flash Gordon, who has traveled to Ming’s home of Mongo aboard Dr Zarkov’s rocketship. Uniting the warring kingdom’s of Mongo, Flash plans to overthrow and destroy the dastardly Ming the Merciless…

Adapted from the 1930s comic strip, the 1980s retelling is the stuff of modern legend: camp, awful, and tons of fun. Featuring a legendary soundtrack from Queen.

Tuesday 3rd January – OVER THE TOP

Trucker Lincoln Hawk is struggling through life. Following the death of his wife, he tries to rebuild the relationship with the son he left behind years before. But things might just turn around for the sensitive toughman, as he enters a nation-wide arm-wrestling tournament in Las Vegas…

One of Sylvester Stallone’s lesser-known gems from the 1980s, this promises all the thrills and spills of the classic sporting montage-fest.


7 Leicester Place (off Leicester Square)



0207 4943654

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Adam Akers