Kill Your Television Double Bill

Cigarette Burns are proud to grace the hallowed screen of Central London’s last and finest independent cinema.

In honour of the big screen’s domination of the small screen, we thought, what better way of celebrating than a “Kill your television double bill”

As so, we present –
That modern classic which helped change the face of horror, the original jerky ghost film – RINGU!

Followed by Tobe Hooper’s POLTERGEIST, one of the most haunting films of the 80s,

Cursed? Who knows? Troubled. Without a doubt.
A battle of the TV spirits.

Who will win?

More importantly, will we survive?


RINGU – http://www.jack-roe.co.uk/stdcgi/taposcgi/prilon/book?perfcode=1155

POLTERGEIST – http://www.jack-roe.co.uk/stdcgi/taposcgi/prilon/book?perfcode=1156

Adam Akers