Fido (2006)

FidoWelcome to the small town stuck in the 1950’s called Willard. When Earth went through a nasty  dusts’ cloud the dead came back to life and decided to eat the living (as in any good zombies movies). And they did until a collar was invented that made them as good as any doggy out there.

They deliver mails, milk, dust, clean etc… different, yes. This movie is really different.

Why not just take your pet zombie for a walk?So when a young boy that doesn’t mix with the outside world is given a zombie as pet, a strange friendship starts between the two but, as there is always a but in those indie movies, the collar starts to malfunction and the pet zombie nicknamed Fido decides to eat the neighbor…

I found it to be entertaining: gore, smiles, laughs and even real zombies (I mean in the zombie tradition) are presents, giving some for everyone.

I will not spoil it by telling too much but if you can get a chance to watch this one I am pretty sure that you will find an aspect of it that you will enjoy. Whoever you are.


David Kaye … Narrator (voice)

Jan Skorzewski … Eating Zombie

Kevin Tyell … Zombie’s Victim

Andy Parkin … Dr. Hrothgar Geiger

Lynn Pendleton … 1940’s Mother

Gary Slater … Father Zombie

Directed By … Andrew Currie