Dobermann (1997)

What about a French movie? And what a movie!!! Explosions, chases, great storyline and charismatic actors… it is by far my favourite French movie, and here is why:

The opening sequence is one of a kind, a baby is offered gis first gun on his christening day… and then you meet him robbing a convoy when adult, along with his Deaf sexy girlfriend who clearly  is  enjoying it. And then we follow him, from robbery to robbery until the hunt  is lead by an almost nazi cop from Paris who will use any means necessary to stop him,

You have to see it to realise how Jan Kounen masterise his technique, the movie moves fast, really fast for a French one, and Hollywood would be jealous of the special effects. This movie is high on steroids and if you like cynical bloody and funny movies, this is one for you.

The only downside is the opening credits made of CGI of poor quality but the comic of a bad ass doberman melting the actors names by urinating on them make you forget about it.

This was Jan Kounen’s first full feature and it delivers… go get it, you will love it!


Vincent Cassel … Yann ‘Dobermann’ Le Pentrec

Tchéky Karyo … Inspecteur Sauveur Cristini

Monica Bellucci … Nathalie / Nat the gipsy

Antoine Basler … Jean-Claude Ayache, dit “Moustique”

Dominique Bettenfeld … Elie Frossard, dit “l’abbé”

Pascal Demolon … Lefèvre

Directed By … Jan Kounen