Ils – Them (2006)

Ils - Them (2006)It all starts by a car crash, a mum and her child are then savagely killed by a “shadow in the dark”.

This set the scene for what follows, Lucas (Michaël Cohen) and Clémentine (Olivia Bonamy) are all alone in the countryside when they realise that something or someone is trying to enter the house with one goal in mind: killing them!

I will not spoil the film by telling you much more except that the movie relies on real fear more than gory special effects, the secret is kept until the end, with a great twist, thing that is so often missing to the horror genre nowadays. On the top of it the actors would deserve an oscar, they are that good really!

The downside? It is in French with subtitles, but you will soon forget to read as the suspense takes over!

An underestimated movie for fan of camera skills more than CGIs in your face.

Highly recommended.


Olivia Bonamy … Clémentine

Michaël Cohen … Lucas

Adriana Mocca … Ilona (as Adriana Moca)

Maria Roman … Sanda

Camelia Maxim … Maria

Alexandru Boghiu … L’enfant

Directed By … David Moreau, Xavier Palud


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