Zombie Strippers (2008)

Zombie Strippers (2008)As I said, In the near future, Bush has just been reelected to his fourth term. Scientists created a virus that let soldier fight even when dead, yes, basically transforming them into zombies. One of them escapes and takes refuge in a strip club…

…you can easily imagine what follows, a stripper is getting a big bite, changes into a zombie, others follow and… that’s where it is clever:

The owner of the club (the genial Robert Englund himself) does realize that they actually bring more customers when zombified… the only problem is that they start consuming the customers…

I've seemed to have been left with the last one of the eveningWith great porn star lay-out and such a title, you know that you will get some strip-tease that you will remember, only to realise that they occur before and after the flesh starts rotting, not always pretty.

The special effects are well made even if the use of CGI for the blood could have been avoided, it looks great. There is lots, lots of jokes a s well as this is more of a zombedy than anything else… strippers discussing philosophy? extensialism? wow!!!

This film is made for a niche market, but really is fun to watch. If you are any of those below or a combination, run to the local video shop and get it, you will just love it!!! made for:

Zombie fans,

Robert Englund fans,

sexy women fans,

Zombedy (zombie comedy fan)

Gore lovers

I hope you enjoyed. I decided to keep quiet about the finally, no spoiler today.


Jenna Jameson … Kat

Robert Englund … Ian

Roxy Saint … Lilith

Penny Drake … Sox

Whitney Anderson … Gaia

Jennifer Holland … Jessy

Shamron Moore … Jeannie

Directed By … Jay Lee


The first infected soldier’s name Byrdflough is a pun on the infamous “bird flu” epidemic.


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