Man Thing (2005)

Man Thing (2005)The Man Thing was a straight to video release, and from the first minutes you know why.

We are following the new sherif in town, and what a town, this must be the dumber town in the all US of A, the locals would make any dark corner of a family look instantly cool with an above the average intelligence… …but back to the sheriff, dead bodies, mutilated, are discovered and people are starting to blame the Man-Thing, a creature set to defend the swamp, an indian sacred site, which will keep on killing until everyone’s dead.

So here we are, not too bad of a scenario to start with, but this is where the movie falls short.

The man is mad, down on thoses there swampsNevermind the lack of well known faces, which sometimes can be a blessing, the story fails to give a human dimension to the creature. Basically I am lost at deciding who are the bad guys, the drilling company or the kill’em all creature? we still have a few naked chicks, great scenes where people are killed and great details of the result of the attacks.

The special effects are not that great either but I have seen worst, keeping the thing in the shadow as much as they can, using a few costume and CGI, it worked ok for me. the only thing is that green color used all around… too much sometimes, watch it and you will know what I mean.

Attention: spoiler below: The most disturbing scene in fact was the end really as the Man Thing that will never stop killing is stopped when set on fire… disapointing. So in a few words, I miss the fact that I watched this one on my own, it would have been great fun with a few friends enjoying a beer (please drink in moderation) and a gigantic pizza. It is a B-movie to share…


Matthew Le Nevez … Sheriff Kyle Williams

Rachael Taylor … Teri Elizabeth Richards

Jack Thompson … Frederic Schist

Rawiri Paratene … Pete Horn

Alex O’Loughlin … Deputy Eric Fraser

Steve Bastoni … Rene LaRoque

Directed By … Brett Leonard


This was originally intended for a direct-to-video release, but later there was plans for a small release to theaters. However those plans were scrapped, and the movie’s fate became unknown, until it was later announced as a Sci Fi Channel original movie for Spring 2005. The DVD and VHS became available in Summer 2005.


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