The Blood Reich – Bloodrayne 3

The Blood Reich: Bloodrayne 3 CompetitionIt’s competition time again at Attack From Planet B, and we have 3 copies of Uwe Boll‘s Bloodrayne 3 – The Blood Reich to give away. A film from the make of such wonders as Postal, Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead. So with such a pedigree, you know you want this in your collection and thanks to those great people over at Metrodome, you can.

So what’s it all about then you ask. It’s 1943 and on the Eastern Front, a small band of Resistance fighters stand firm against the seemingly endless manpower of German army, headed by the vicious Commandant.

Meanwhile, a psychotic Doctor performs grisly experiments on people in the camps – and has a strange affinity for cutting open vampires, when he can get his hands on one. And where there are vampires, there’s Rayne, a half-vampire, half-human who has moved through the centuries slaughtering blood-suckers and those that keep to the shadows alike.

After a bloody face off, the Commandant becomes infected by Rayne’s blood and, unbeknownst to her, begins a horrifying transformation into a powerful day-walking vampire.

Rayne must now face her greatest foe: a growing army of undead soldiers led by the Commandant, hell-bent on returning to Berlin where they intend to make The Fuhrer immortal…

The competition is now closed!


Clint Howard … Doctor Mangler

Michael Paré … Commandant Ekart Brand

Natassia Malthe … Rayne

Brendan Fletcher … Nathaniel

Willam Belli … Vasyl Tishenko

Directed By … Uwe Boll


It’s amazing that this director still gets work.


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Adam Akers