The New Barbarians

The New BarbariansThe year is 2019 and a nuclear war has reduced humanity to small groups of starving survivors. Among them is a ruthless gang calling themselves the Templars, who intend to purge the earth by exterminating what is left of the human race. The only hope for the survivors lies with a former Templar, known as Scorpion, and his band of allies who are prepared to fight the Templers in one final showdown.

So here in the final of the Warriors Trilogy by Enzo G. Castellari brough to us by Shameless Entertainment, The New Barbarians takes an Italian view of the world of Mad Max 2,which was released in 1981, a year earlier. With all its crazy tribes, road carnage and ultra violence, however being an Castellari film all done with an air of camp and cheese.

The New Barbarians are here and are warriors of the wastelandsThe story starts with a small tribe of survivors searching the airwaves for signs of civilisation, that’s until the arrival of The Templars. This gang of white shoulder padded loon’s with a taste for death and buggery, want to wipe the earth of all humanity, in some sort of misguided notion that man is not fit to live after its actions caused the nuclear apocalypse.

One man however, seems to stand in their way. His name is Scorpion (Giancarlo PreteLadyhawke and Escape from the Bronx), a former member of The Templars that has seen the error of his ways and travels the wastelands on is own.

I think this outfit is quite slimming, don't you think?On one occasion Scorpion comes to the aid of a female, Alma (Anna Kanakis2019: After The Full Of New York ), which seem to be few and far between with the wastelands, who is being terrorised by a bunch of Templars. With Alma saved, Scorpion is joined by the Nadir (Fred WilliamsonThe Godfather of Harlem and Deadly Rhapsody) a snazzy dressed archer in black and gold, played by Fred Williamson, who eats up every scene he is in.

I'm one bad mo fo in my skimpy leathers and gold trimSo as the story progress until the inevitable showdown comes to pass between Scorpion and the leader of The Templars, called One (George EastmanPorno holocaust and The Bronx Warriors), sporting one heck of a well manicured beard and large white shoulder pads. But the crowning glory of this showdown has to be Scorpion’s see-through bullet-proof outfit, which has to bee seen to be believed.

With camp and cheese aplenty in equal measures throughout this film, The New Barbarians doesn’t quite match up to the other two editions with the Warriors trilogy, it still has more than its fair share gold to find.


Giancarlo Prete … Scorpion (as Timothy Brent)

Fred Williamson … Nadir

George Eastman … One

Anna Kanakis … Alma

Ennio Girolami … Shadow (as Thomas Moore)

Venantino Venantini … Father Moses

Directed By … Enzo G. Castellari


Shooting on The new Barbarians began immediately after The Bronx Warriors wrapped, though classed by many as the thrid film in The Warriors Trilogy.


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Adam Akers