Escape From The Bronx

Escape From The BronxSince the event of The Bronx Warriors, the Bronx themselves have become an even more dangerous place to survive, let alone live. Where once the inhabitants only had to worry about the street gangs carving out a piece of territory for themselves they are now at the mercy of a giant corporation, who wish to take their homes and land, raising them to the ground to build and new city of the future in their place.

This corporation, The General Construction Corporation, catchy title, their marketing team must have been up all night think that name up, is run by the ruthless President Henry Clark (Ennio GirolamiKiller Crocodile and The New Barbarians) and alongside him, his greasy Vice President, Hoffman (Paolo MalcoThe New York Ripper and Thunder). The pair need the Bronx emptied so that their new city can be built in its place and the will do anything to get the job done. So to do this they have hired an evil ex-prison warden with a taste for torture and genocide, Floyd Wrangler (Henry SilvaAlligator and Megaforce) .

All the President's men, some snazzy uniforms thereWrangler doesn’t see his work as genocide, more as disinfestations and uses every means possible to clear out the Bronx of its inhabitants. With silver jumpsuited henchmen at his beck and call, he uses machine guns, flame throwers, explosives and poisonous gas to get the job done.

However, standing in their way is Trash (Mark GregoryBlue Paradise and Thunder II), the former leader of the Raiders, the biker gang that controlled the streets of the Bronx until the G.C.C. moved in. Now a loner and without his leather waistcoat, he now dodges the G.C.C. and the authorities, selling ammunition to the remaining gangs of the Bronx and taking out helicopters with hand guns.

Nothing scarier than a death squad in shiny silver jumpsuitsWith Wrangler’s death squad clearing out the Bronx the street gangs have been forced into hiding underground, where they thing they are safe from the disinfestations above. Led by Dablone (Antonio SabatoGrand Prix and Thunder), who thinks himself as a bit of a pirate and wouldn’t look out of place in Jack Sparrows crew.

It seems the actions of the G.C.C. in the Bronx, don’t seem to be known to the wider populous of New York and spunky journalist, Moon Grey (Valeria D’ObiciMidnight Killer), wants to get evidence of the goings on over the river. After a brush with one of Wrangler’s death squads, Grey teams up with Trash and together with Dablone’s agreement come up with a plan to stop the G.C.C., kidnap President Clark.

So with their plan devised, they seek the help of the legendary criminal Strike (Giancarlo PreteLast Blood and Vigilante II), the only man they know how has managed to get over the Manhattan and back underground without being caught by the authorities. So with Strike onboard, along with his son, the four of them set of to kidnap the President of the G.C.C..

Trash aaa-aah, his going to save everyone of us!What is to follow is a full on war under the streets of Manhattan and into the Bronx, with Wrangler’s death squads hell bent on stopping Trash and the gangs fulfilling their plan at all costs. With the death toll rising with slow-mo explosions and bodies flying akin to an episode of The A-Team on steroids. Escape From The Bronx doesn’t hold back on the action and with Castellari now having a large budget the bodies just keep on mounting up.

Escape From The Bronx is an improvement over its predecessor with a stronger storyline and better action, though doesn’t have the charm that came with The Bronx Warriors. A definite piece of Italian cinema cheese that is worth digging out, just The New Barbarians to go, bring it on!!


Mark Gregory … Trash

Henry Silva … Floyd Wrangler

Valeria D’Obici … Moon Grey

Giancarlo Prete … Strike (as Timothy Brent)

Paolo Malco … Vice President Hoffman

Ennio Girolami … President Henry Clark (as Thomas Moore)

Antonio Sabato … Dablone

Directed By … Enzo G. Castellari


On the wall in the apartment of Trash’s parents is a large black and white poster of ‘Mark Gregory’ from the first movie 1990: The Bronx Warriors (1982)


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Adam Akers