The Bronx Warriors

The Bronx WarriorsThe city of New York is not what it was, will be, has been, might be, I’m confused. As in Enzo G. Castellari’s vision of 1990 New York is all too different from what it was then or now. As with most depictions of the future from the 70’s and 80’s, New York was only ever going to be one thing, a cesspool of crime and violence, ravaged by gangs and powerful corporations. With such films as John Carpenter’s, Escape from New York (1981) and Walter Hill’s The Warriors (1979) both showing what New York could be like at its worst.

So here in Enzo G. Castellari’s, The Bronx Warriors, these two classics are combined, copied and pillaged, some might say into an in Italian bolognaise of street fighting and biker heaven, with big hair and bad attitudes.

Get ya' motor running, head out on the highwayInto this wasteland of the Bronx comes Ann (Stefania Girolami GoodwinSinbad of the Seven Seas and Dawson’s Creek as first assistant director), a 17-year-old heiress to one of the world’s biggest arms manufacturing corporation who, unable to contain her guilt over having to inherit the business, has run away. She soon finds herself under the protection of the Riders’ leader, Trash (Mark GregoryThunder and Delta Force Commando), who rescues her from The Zombies, a gang of roller hockey thugs with a taste in big white shoulder pads.

Trash is a man with poodle rock hair of the highest order and the tightest jeans in the Bronx, all you need it seems to be the leader of the toughest gang in the Bronx, and by the way he struts his stuff looks like an extra from Fame.

Anybody know any show tunes? And a 1 and a 2 ...However, The Raiders are not the top dogs in the Bronx, this it seems is to be honor of The Tigers. A gang of fly hot-rodders lead by the self proclaimed king of the Bronx, The Ogre (Fred WilliamsonFrom Dusk Till Dawn, The Inglorious Bastards(1978) and The Godfather of Harlem ).

The Raiders, summoned by The Orge meet by the river to discover the body of a dead Raiders member, killed by The Tigers for trespass on their turf. The Orge informs Trash that this was done to show him that this member was wearing a ‘gizmo’, no not a white furry animal but a tracker supplied by the police. Though the odd thing is, all the way through this exchange of tittle tattle is a lone drummer performing an outstanding drum solo for all the gang members for no reason at all.

See my tiger roar babyIt seems that Ann’s farther has hired a crazed ex-cop by the name of Hammer (Vic MorrowThe Bad News Bears and Twilight Zone: The Movie) who has ideas of his own and wants to take over the Bronx himself.

So with Hammer stirring up trouble between the gangs, trying to get them to destroy each other, Trash must also be weary of his own gang members. As Ice (Joshua SinclairKeoma and Lady Frankenstein – he also is a professor in Comparative Theology and has worked with Mother Teresa as a medical doctor specializing in tropical diseases, who needs acting?) has ideas on Trash’s role as leader of The Raiders, all planned by Hammer.

So with things boiling up in the Bronx, Trash must seek help from his enemy The Orge to stop Hammer and the evil corporation and to save Ann from them, but in a place were death is cheap and the first to die are the lucky ones, who will be left standing at the end?

For your first step into Enzo G. Castellari’s Bronx Warrior Trilogy, you really can’t go wrong with The Bronx Warriors with cheesy acting, cheesy fight scenes and more cheesy cheese, this is a fun if not overwhelming movie, that can hold up to a repeat view with ease. Well shot by Castellari, making the best of what he has to use and a nice turn from both Vic Morrow and Fred Williamson, the film can just about hold its head up alongside others of its type and a worthy addition to the Shameless catalog.

The Cast

Vic Morrow … Hammer

Christopher Connelly … Hot Dog

Fred Williamson … The Ogre

Mark Gregory … Trash

Stefania Girolami Goodwin … Ann (as Stefania Girolami)

Joshua Sinclair … Ice (as John Loffredo)

Directed By … Enzo G. Castellari


During the meeting scene between the Riders and Tigers overlooking the World Trade Center, the drummer seen playing was not originally scripted. The band was present in the area during the day of shooting, so director Enzo G. Castellari included them in the scene, giving no explanation as to why they were there.

The scene where Ice wipes out his motorcycle was indeed an unplanned accident.


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Adam Akers