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Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon

Dead CertThe first batch of blood suckers that are trying to make their escape from Kim’s dungeon this month are those from the film Dead Cert. A Cockney gangster vampire mash-up, where ‘ard blokes are in a turf war with Romanian vampires for the control of lap-dancing club. The film has your standard members for such a film, Dexter Fletcher, Craig Fairbrass and Danny Dyer, which I thinks says it all.

SuckThe next bunch of ‘children of the night’ are those in the Canadian slacker comedy Suck. A film about a loser band whose fortunes change when one of their member is bitten by a vampire. There are good performances by the like of Malcome McDowell as the veteran vampire hunter and top cameos by the legends of rock and pop, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and Moby.

Daughters Of DarknessNow for a taste of classic vampirism in the 1971 film by Harry Kümel, Daughters of Darkness. Voted in a recent poll by experts as ‘the best vampire movie of all time’, a honeymooning couple are seduced by the lesbian vampire Countess Elizabeth Bothory. Dreamlike, sexy, peculiar and tastefully sadistic as Kim puts it.

Fantastic PlanetFinal we have Kim Newman’s Dungeon Breakout, a film by Rene Laloux and Roland Toper, Fantastic Planet. A tale of Slaves and masters dominate the narrative of the faraway world of Ygam. Set around the lifespan of Terr, a minute human shaped Om slave, and pet, of the giant blue alien Draags. As Kim says ‘imagine a ruthless, psychedelic rough draft of Avatar.

For the full Video Dungeon review get the November copy of Empire magazine.

Adam Akers