MegafaultAs we move on in our Mega Season here at Attack From Planet B, we bring you our second movie, MegaFault. With the star quota increased along with the budget, MegaFault must sure have some bang for its buck, but does it have the heart and fun that can be found in Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus?

The story starts with Charley ‘Boomer’ Baxter (Eriq La SalleComing to America and ER), an explosives expert working on an open mine in the middle of the USA in one of the big square states, conducting a routine mining explosion, though it does look like he is trying to blow up most of the mid-west. With the explosion carried out successfully, all seems fine until the ground starts to shake and a huge crack starts heading straight towards his co-workers and himself. With the crack moving fast towards Boomer, he tries to out run it in his truck but is soon swallowed up by the crack. The MegaFault has start and the clock is now ticking.

The council really need to sort out these roads.Meanwhile, as the faults races across the country, Dr. Amy Lane (Brittany MurphySin City and Cherry Falls), an expert in seismology and all things earthquakey, is give a speech at a conference hosted by her boss Dr. Mark Rhodes (Bruce DavisonTitanic II and X-Men), on the need for preparedness on earthquake safety, what a stroke of luck. However, while she is giving her speech, the MegaFault strikes, bring builds crashing down, people screaming and lots of running around.

Now with all the man characters introduced, including Dr. Lane’s husband and daughter, the race is now on to find the source and stop the Megafault. Dr. Lane is asked to go and investigate and heads to the open mine of Boomer’s with the aid of Major Boyd Grayson (Paul LoganMega Piranha and The Terminators) as helicopter pilot.

Well there goes neighbourhood.While looking for samples and viewing the damage caused at the open mine, Dr. Lane discovers Boomer still alive in his buried truck.  With the aid of Grayson they rescue him and fill him in on what has been going on. All the while the fault has been heading across the country seemingly attacking either our main characters or relatives of them as it goes, like some sort of malicious beast.

As the story jumps from one explosion to the next, either with the MegaFault chasing down an oil tanking which is on fire or by ripping through a leafy neighborhood, killing of grannies.  You never feel any sense of danger for our characters and though with a larger budget than usual for The Asylum the effects sometimes fall short of what might be expected for a film such as this. However, like the flying shark in Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, there is one standout moment when inhabitants of town in the path of the MegaFault start to burst into flames as magma starts run underneath their streets.

the gofers sure are big in this stateThough a very accomplished movie for The Asylum, it does feel that with the extra budget and the inclusion of more familiar faces, some of the fun and joy has been taken out of the movie because of it. Yes, the actors do well with what they are given, however everybody seems slightly dull in their roles, making it difficult to get behind them and care for what is happening to them. Plus the story does seem to over egg its pudding on the ideas front, just watch out for the ‘satellite ice canon’, an idea definitely thought up by one of the crew’s kids on too many sweets.

So, were The Asylum punching above their weight here or was it just lacking the fun and joy which make their movie so great. I think it was more the latter, so less seriousness and more fun is required I say. So bring on Mega Piranha and let the fun commence!


Brittany Murphy … Dr. Amy Lane

Eriq La Salle … Charley ‘Boomer’ Baxter

Bruce Davison … Dr. Mark Rhodes

Justin Hartley … Dan Lane

Paul Logan … Major Boyd Grayson

Directed By … David Michael Latt


This was Brittany Murphy‘s final TV production.


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Adam Akers