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The Shepherd: Border Patrol

The Shepherd: Border PatrolBrought to you by Stage 6 Films, Sony Pictures straight to DVD label, The Shepherd: Border Patrol (2008) has our hero, Jack Robideaux (Jean-Claude Van Damme ) and his rabbit, also called Jack, being reassigned to the small border town of Columbus, New Mexico to take a job with the border patrol.

The border patrol of Columbus is heavily under pressure by the activities of the Mexican drug lords operating in the area. The under staffed patrol led by Capt. Ramona Garcia (Natalie J. RobbEastEnders and Holby City ) are constantly under fire from these cartels and by the ex-navy seal mercenaries working for them.

I spy with my little eye something beginning with JCVDThe main gang of mercenaries working in the area are led by Benjamin Meyers (Stephen LordEastEnders ), who through his time in the Navy Seals saw the effects of suicide bombers in Afghanistan and has decides to use the same methods to ship drugs across the border, as a way of warning off the border patrols.

With Jack’s arrival in Columbus, he sets to work straight away in cleaning up the town and the drug situation. Jack’s first introduction to the locals is in a well choreographed fight scene in the local bar, watched on by his pet rabbit. As Jacks presence become noticed by the mercenaries, men are sent to bribe him, ending up with more high-kicking and two more dead bad guys.

Who took my bunny?Jean-Claude plays his role as a cop with a tortured past well, however he never raising it above the rank of workman like. Plus he is not helped in the script department, with little much to do then look sulky and distant for most of the film. Though he does get a chance to shine in the well played out fight scenes that are scattered throughout the film, especial the fight against Karp (Scott AdkinsEastEnders and Holby City , it must have been a quiet time on Albert Square or something) Meyers’ right-hand man.

I know what to do with that bloody nose, with my Holby City  training and all.As a one of the many of the straight to DVD offerings that are about it’s not bad fayre, with good action and the occasional good piece of acting. Though I do have to mention the unintentionally funny coach scene, BA from the A-Team would have been very proud of the modifications made, however not every plan comes together. In all a good one to watch with a few beers and the brain switched off.


Jean-Claude Van Damme … Jack Robideaux

Stephen Lord … Benjamin Meyers

Natalie J. Robb … Capt. Ramona Garcia

Gary McDonald … Billy Pawnell

Daniel Perrone … Felix Nestor

Scott Adkins … Karp

Directed By … Isaac Florentine


The Director, Isaac Florentine has never seen his finished film, saying “I did not see the final film and I do not plan to see it as it will probably break my heart. I put this film behind me and I hope I will never have an experience like this ever again”


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