Warlords of Atlantis

Warlords of AtlantisIt’s the turn of the century onboard the Texas Rose somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The crew, captained by Captain Daniels (Shane Rimmer – The People That Time Forgot), have been hired by British archaeologist Professor Aitken and his son, Charles (Peter GilmoreThe Onedin Line) along with Greg Collinson (Doug McClureThe Land That Time Forgot and At the Earth’s Core ), to test a new diving bell designed by Collinson.

Professor Aitken and Charles have been secretly search for evidence to the existence of the lost city of Atlantis and with the help of Collinson’s diving bell they think they might have found it. So with Collinson and Charles in the diving bell take their first trip to the bottom of the sea.

The octopus attacks the Texas RoseThe menace of the deep is portrayed really well with nice movement of the diving bell and good use of lighting. That is until our first contact with the creatures of the deep and we are reminded that we’re in Doug McClure adventure movie.  As Charles and Collinson reach the bottom of the ocean they are attacked by some prehistoric beast that has the face of a green zippy from Rainbow and the body of a Beanie Baby©. Though once past this strange puppet of a beast they come across a large golden statue sitting serenely on the ocean floor.

With their evidence found, it is sent to the surface for the crew to start squabbling over it and form a mutiny onboard the ship, causing the Professor to be shot in the process, all unbeknown to Charles and Collinson he have been cut adrift by the mutinous crew. As the crew take over the ship a giant octopus, a vast improvement on the previous beast, attacks the Texas Rose grabbing all the crew and dragging them the bottom of the sea and through cavern along with the diving bell.

Attack of the hand puppet fish lizardThe crew and the captain, along with Charles and Collinson find themselves washed ashore in a strange land and are met by Atmir (Michael GothardThe Devils) an Atlantean and his guards, who promise to take care of them. With little choice the castaways go with Atmir and head towards the cities of Atlantis. As they travel onto one of the cities, they come across more hand puppet monsters and painted scenery as they at told about Atlantis and its troubles by Atmir, who looks more like a drag queen on a night out then a feared warlord.

On arrival at the city, Collinson wastes no time in wooing the ladies, starting a fight and getting the whole crew looked up and sentenced to one of two fates, become a zombie type guard or a human slave. Also, Charles has been granted an audience with Atraxon and Atsil, the king and queen of Atlantis, due to the fact that he is a scientist and of a higher status, but why?

Will the crew escape, will they be reunited with Charles, what has happened to the Texas Rose and will the mutinous crew get their comeuppance?

For me, another fun matinee outing, through rose-coloured glasses trying to relive my childhood. With shonky monsters and hammy acting adding to the charm that is a Doug McClure adventure movie. Not my favourite out of the Doug McClure catalogue, but still fun never-the-less.


Doug McClure … Greg Collinson

Peter Gilmore … Charles Aitken

Shane Rimmer … Captain Daniels

Lea Brodie … Delphine

Michael Gothard … Atmir

Directed By … Kevin Connor


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Adam Akers