Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon

FidoFirst we have the zombie oddity ‘Fido’. Set in an alternative 1950’s zombies are domesticated and a housewife starts to think that her son’s pet zombie might be a better bet then her husband, as Kim puts it, ‘Far From Heaven’ with zombies.

Wasting AwayContinuing with more zombie oddness we have ‘Wasting Away’, which shows zombies with a cheery dispositions put can’t understand why normal folk keep running away from them. It rewards long-time zombie fans with plenty of in-jokes put the basic idea can wear thin over time.

ZombeakTo top that zombie strangeness, Kim brings us ‘Zombeak’, as he puts it, one of the most makeshift films ever to end up in the Dungeon. This film has a devil possessed chicken going around attacking people in a deserted warehouse. Just odd!

Survival Of The DeadLastly it’s the Dungeon Breakout release, George A. Ramero’sSurvival of the Dead’, the sixth film in his Living Dead series. Loosing some of the passion that could be found in he’s early zombie films, it does deliver, but has a melancholy feel, showing that the series is entering it’s autumn years.

For the full Video Dungeon review get March’s copy of Empire magazine.

Adam Akers