Jessi’s Girls (Jessi’s Gun)

Jessi's Girls (Jessi's Gun)Al Adamson known for such movie schlock as Dracula vs. Frankenstein, Black Samurai and Satan’s Sadists delivers this very light-weight and mundane revenge film and nowhere near the exploitative best of his other movies.

A young Mormon, Seth; and his wife, Jessica (Sondra Currie), are heading to Utah to start a new life. As they set up camp and do what your couples do, they are attacked by five outlaws look for easy pickings. With little possessions or money to steal, the gang decides on other means of enjoyment. So the creepy quintet tie up Seth, rape Jessica, and shoot them both for good measure before heading off across the plains.

The wise old sage Rufe (Rod Cameron)However, Jessica survives the attack and after making here way across the plains blooded and scared, manages to find shelter & help in the form of Rufe (Rod Cameron), a reclusive hermit and bearded wise man of the plains.

Rufe takes Jessica in and nurses her back to health. Jessica asks for help in her quest for revenge against those who killed her husband. Though unwilling, Rufe agrees to teach her how to use a gun and sends her on her way. Rod Cameron plays this part well and as a veteran of such roles from his heyday in westerns back in the 50s knows what is needed from the character. It’s just a shame not more was done with the role and the relationship between Rufe and Jessica.

Jessica handing out some paybackNow on her trail of revenge, Jessica comes across a wagon full of wanton women on their way to be taken for trial at the nearest courthouse. Seeing these women as the ideal help for her mission, she promptly kills the driver and wounds the sheriff, setting the women free.  Now free the women band together and set of on their mission to hunt down the outlaws and teach them a lesson they will never forget.

What ensues from here on in is Al Adamson’s trademark schlock of wooden acting, poor dialogue and mild exploitation. With little to hold the viewer attention, though the final gunfight does have some half-decent stunt work and gun-play, this film is only for Al Adamson fans and only the hardcore fans at that, so that they can say they’ve seen all of his work.

So as you can gather, for me not the best thing around but does have a few nuggets that are worth digging out.


Sondra Currie … Jessica

Geoffrey Land … Clay

Ben Frank … Brock

Regina Carrol … Claire

Jennifer Bishop … Rachel

Rod Cameron … Rufe

Directed By … Al Adamson


Rod Cameron (1910 – 1983) who starred in the 40’s serial that was the inspiration for Indiana Jones.

Adam Akers