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Attack From Planet B across the webSince ‘Attack from Planet B’ was launched at the end of February the site has gone from strength to strength and well beyond my expectations and in such a short time. One area that the site has been well received is through the CSS design communities and galleries that can be found across the internet, so here is where ‘Attack from Planet B’ can be found:

1. UnmatchedStyle

“I love how the illustrations tell the story about what this site is about. You get it almost instantly. Overall it’s a really simple design for a blog, 2 columns, simple straightforward navigation & categories. The thing that does it is the clever illustrations and I love it.” – Unmatchedstyle

2. CSSDose

3. CSS Mayo

4. CSS Leak

5. CSS Hot Design

6. Illustration Toolbox

7. CSS Depot

8. CSS Bomb

9. CSS Showcase

10. CSS Based

11. Scott Bryant – Inspirational Website Designs III

12. CSS Design Yorkshire

13. The Paradise of Horror – Best Designed Blogs

“Adam Akers did a great job with this setup. I am sure that once the blog starts hitting it big, it will only further it’s appeal.” The Paradise of Horror

14. Design Award

15. CSS Loggia

16. CSS Cookie

17. Blog Design Heroes


19. Mikey Promo


21. Vandelay Design

22. Inspirebit

23. TopDesignMag

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