All You Need Is Blood…

BloodSo you need gallons of blood for your new low-budget horror feature, where do you turn to? What do you need? Well here’s the recipe that was used by Sam Raimi for his classic ‘The Evil Dead’ and become the bane of Bruce Campbell’s life through the production of the film, mainly because he was coated in the stuff for must of the shoot.

Ingredients (coats two thespians)

6 pints clear Karo Syrup

3 pints red food colouring

1 pint non-dairy creamer

1 drop blue food colouring


Large ceramic bowl

Medium sized bowl

Wooden spoon

Cleaning products


The Karo Syrup is your foundation, the base of your blood. Pour the syrup into the large ceramic bowl.

In the medium bowl pour in the non-dairy creamer and stir until it turns into a nice paste. This will provide opacity.

Gradually fold the non-dairy paste into the syrup.

Stir in the red food colouring. Add drop of blue food colouring to add density.

Test on white surface.

Coat aspiring actor from the top down.

To remove, place actor into hot shower, fully clothed, and let sit for 30 minutes or until clean.

The Evil DeadCaution – Do not attempt to scare members of your family who have heart conditions, as this blood looks real!

This recipe was taken from Bruce Campbell’s excellent book ‘If Chins Could Kill – Confessions of a B-Movie Actor’, which full of great advice and great stories of trying to make it in the movie business.


Bruce Campbell’s shirt that he wears in the film ‘The Evil Dead’ was so saturated with the fake blood that after drying it by the fire, the shirt became solidified and broke when he tried to put it on.

Adam Akers