Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon (February 2010)

Kim Newman's Video Dungeon (February 2010)

It’s retro month in Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon. One the highlights from his selection this month is the 80’s flick Night of the Comet involving valley girl, Catherine Mary Stewart, fighting off zombies and mad scientists between shopping trips to the mall. The [Region 1] DVD cover just set’s the film up perfectly, with zombies, uzi’s and shopping. What more could a girl want?

Also in his pick from the 80’s comes three futuristic films (set in the 1990s!) from Enzo G. Castellari: The Bronx Warriors, Escape from the Bronx and The New Barbarians; featuring the acting abilities of Vic Marrow and Fred Williamson.

Kim Newman’s ‘Dungeon Breakout’ film for February is the Hammer film, The Lost Continent, based on the novel by Dennis Wheatley. The story is that of cargo ship the goes missing the fog and finds the ‘Lost Continent’, an island full of giant crabs, killer weeds… and the Spanish Inquisition?

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Adam Akers