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Vintage Halloween, Bela Lugosi and General Mills Monster Cereals Merchandise from Fright-Rags

Vintage Halloween, Bela Lugosi and General Mills' Monster Cereals Merchandise from Fright-Rags

Autumn is finally upon us! For the Halloween season, we bid you welcome with three new apparel collections from Fright-Rags: The ‘Vintage Halloween’, Bela Lugosi and General Mills monster cereals merchandise.

“This is the real thing! Unbelievable, shocking, true thriller!”



Our Top Mad Movie Scientists

Re-Animator (1985)

It’s been some time since we had one of “Our Top…” lists here at Attack from Planet B, with the last one being Our Top ‘One Man Army’ Movies back in March. This time we’re heading back to the world of horror and science-fiction, with our list of “Our Top Mad Movie Scientists”. You know the type, ones who spend stormy nights in their laboratories slicing and dicing, mixing and experimenting to create who knows what.

So get your test-tubes and Bunsen burners at the ready and your electrodes at full power to see who we have added to the list.


Our Top “Build a Better Monster” Movies

With this being the 80th anniversary week of the release of the great Frankenstein by Universal Pictures in on 21st November 1931, we thought we’d but together our list of top “Build a Better Monster” movies.

We’ll be covering all types of monster building fun, from those crazy scientists that just can’t help themselves from fiddling with the laws of nature.

So head on in to see what type of list we have created in our lab…

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Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon

The latest round-up from Kim Newman’s Video Dungeon is now in for April. So what goodies are lurking in the dungeon for this months review? In April’s issue of Empire magazine it’s the horror of Blood Feast 2 and historical horrors in the Video Dungeon.

Trying to escape from the dungeon this month there is the Basil Rathbone in the ‘Tower of London’, a blood socked ‘Blood feast 2: All u Can Eat’ by H.G. Lewis and the Fight Club with Vampires movie ‘Fist of the Vampire’; and as always Kim Newman’s Dungeon Breakout release.

There are many other films that have been reviewed by Kim, which can be found in the April issue of Empire Magazine (uk).