Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974, Mexico / USA)

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)

Sam Peckinpah achieved prominence as a director and writer by showing us the savagery and the effect violence had upon human beings. The Wild Bunch, a revisionist, neo-western epic. The movie shocked critics and audiences alike with an opera of bodies torn apart by various weapons and the wholesale killing of women and children. The Wild Bunch thus became the essence of a Peckinpah film, one against all his other movies were judged.

“Why is his head worth one million dollars and the lives of 21 people?”



Ulzana’s Raid (1972, USA)

Ulzana's Raid (1972)

The Western is the most American film genre of them all, encompassing a variety of themes and time periods. The 1970s were a fertile period for films that questioned traditional beliefs about our country’s march towards the Pacific, the interests of big business versus individual rights, its treatment of the indigenous peoples and notions of heroism.

Ulzana’s Raid can be viewed as a horror movie that takes place in the West or a Western with all the trappings of a horror film.

“One man alone understood the savagery of the early American west from both sides.”



Straight to Hell (1987, UK)

Straight to Hell (1987)

It’s fair to say that Straight to Hell isn’t widely considered to be one of director Alex Cox’s best films. Some people may even consider it to be his worst.

However, whilst its creation, cast, setting and gonzo punk style, make it an undeniable curiosity, it is its adaptation and reclamation of popular genre style, that may make Straight to Hell Cox’s most notably cine-literate film. For the uninitiated: Cox was the punk filmmaker who made it big early on, blew it nearly as quickly, and has steadfastly done his own thing ever since.

“A story of blood, money, guns, coffee, and sexual tension.”



Dead 7 (2016, USA)

Dead 7 (2016) Promotional Poster“Larger than Life!”

Wow, if there ever was a less promising tagline for a zombie Twistern, I can’t recall it. Hopefully, whoever came up with it will work on expanding their creative writing skills. BTW, I know that’s a reference to a Backstreet Boys song, but still. How do I know? Well, I didn’t; I looked it up and I’m choosing to take the word of the Interwebz. It’s right 100% of the time, isn’t it?

“Everybody’s gotta die someday…”



The Living Coffin (1959, Mexico)

Cinema’s fascination with fusing the horror and western genres has proven to be as resilient as it has bewildering. It’s not uncommon to see the wild west go weird on the big screen. 1959’s The Living Coffin hails from Mexico, and in addition to presenting the world of tumbleweeds and bucking broncs with a supernatural bent, it goes one step further by incorporating aspects of its own cultural horror heritage.

“Fear is killing you all.” PRESS PLAY ►


Moon Zero Two (1969)

Moon Zero Two (1969)

Produced by none other than the good folks at Hammer, this rootin’, tootin’ space opera delivered exactly what it promised: a western set among the stars, complete with shootouts and mustache-twirling baddies. This is an amusing little trifle, but it hasn’t aged that gracefully, with viewers more likely to glean ironic chuckles from it than genuine pleasure.

“Ride a rocket Texas-style! Have a shoot-out in Moon City! Find a new frontier and a new kind of pioneer. But watch out for deadly moon maidens. It’s the first Moon ‘Western’.”


New Django Unchained Trailer

Django Uchained (2012)

Quentin Tarantino’s spaghetti western opus is getting ever closer and to gear up the excitement of Django Unchained, a new trailer has been released. Showing more unseen footage and fleshing out the story a little bit more, that of a slave hunting down those that have taken his wife and wanting revenge for their deeds. With many colourful characters and cameos, including an appearance of the original Django, Franco Nero, Django Unchained looks like it could be another Tarantino classic.

So head on inside to see for yourself.. PRESS PLAY ►


Bury Them Deep (1968)

Bury Them Deep (1968)

A story of three men, one a captain in the Northern American army out for justice, one a man sentenced to be hanged out for revenge and one man out for all the gold he can get; this is Bury Them Deep (All’ultimo sangue) a 1968 film from Paolo Moffa, staring Craig Hill, Ettore Manni, Giovanni Cianfriglia and Jose Greci.

So head out west for a film filled with gun-fights, knife-fights and fist-fights; gold, women and revenge. A speghetti western that has it all, even if it doesn’t all go togther. Find out more and head on inside. PRESS PLAY ►


One Damned Day At Dawn … Django Meets Sartana (1970)

One Damned Dat At Dawn ... Sartana Meets Django

We head back to the land of steely glances and trigger fingers in Demofilo Fidani’s One Damned Day At Dawn … Django Meets Sartana.

The small desert town of Black City is held in a reign of terror by a nasty gang of criminals lead by the ruthless Bud Wheeler. Earnest, but inexperienced Sheriff Jack Ronson arrives in town to establish law and order and has the help of a Mysterious bounty hunter.

Head on in partner and dust off your boots to see if this can make it ‘til dawn.

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Undead or Alive: A Zombedy

Here at Attack From Planet B we welcome to our family a new guest writer, Damian Ahuir from the Emerald Isle. A Lover of B-movie and runs the site Limited Release.

For his first contribution to the site, he brings us the review of the zombie spaghetti western, Undead or Alive by the director Glasgow Phillips.

So if you are in a for a true mash up and of genres there could be no better place to start than here, so enjoy. PRESS PLAY ►