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Alice, Sweet Alice (Slasher Classics Collection) on Blu-ray 9th July from 88 Films

Alice, Sweet Alice (Slasher Classics Collection) on Blu-ray 9th July from 88 Films

When ten-year-old Karen is killed in church on the occasion of her first communion, her seemingly innocent older sister Alice becomes the prime suspect. After 88 Films’ first ever uncut UK DVD release of Alice, Sweet Alice, the British distributor has returned to Alfred Sole’s 1976 slasher classic with a new restoration – scanned at 2K resolution from a 35mm print – which we hope will give this American giallo the recognition it deserves.

“If you survive this night… Nothing will scare you again.”


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BELA LUGOSI and THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Merchandise from Fright-Rags

BELA LUGOSI and THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS Merchandise from Fright-Rags

Fright-Rags has teamed up with the Lugosi estate to release two t-shirts and a pair of socks, featuring the classic horror icon in his signature Dracula costume.

To enter the mind of a killer you must challenge the mind of a madman. Fright-Rags takes on the challenge with a new line of apparel from Jonathan Demme’s Oscar-winning The Silence of the Lambs.

“Listen to them. Children of the night. What music *they* make.”


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Indicator April 2018 Blu-ray Titles

Indicator April 2018 Blu-ray Titles

This April Indicator presents a quartet of maverick, genre-twisting dramas from some of the most unique and brilliant voices in American cinema.

Indicator presents UK Blu-ray premieres of Suddenly, Last Summer (1959), The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre (1967), Little Murders (1971), and The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds (1972).

“These are powers and passions without precedent in motion pictures!”



Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974, Mexico / USA)

Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia (1974)

Sam Peckinpah achieved prominence as a director and writer by showing us the savagery and the effect violence had upon human beings. The Wild Bunch, a revisionist, neo-western epic. The movie shocked critics and audiences alike with an opera of bodies torn apart by various weapons and the wholesale killing of women and children. The Wild Bunch thus became the essence of a Peckinpah film, one against all his other movies were judged.

“Why is his head worth one million dollars and the lives of 21 people?”


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The Buzz is Back with Fright-Rags’ THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Collection

The Buzz is Back with Fright-Rags' THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE Collection

The buzz is back with Fright-Rags’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre collection. While Fright-Rags have previously released various apparel dedicated to the 1974 genre-defining classic, this time around they’re showing love to some of the franchise’s sequels.

“Some tales are told, then soon forgotten. But a legend… is forever.”



The Playback Collective 1970s/80s Style Trailers for the VHS Generation

The Playback Collective 1970s/80s Style Trailers for the VHS Generation

Shortly after Mad Max: Fury Road was released to theaters, an edited version of the original theatrical trailer was uploaded online, stylistically changing the tone of Fury Road to something one would expect to see at the grindhouse.

Since then The Playback Collective have created three more trailers in a similar vein; designed to take you back a few decades into the past.

“Maybe it was those torn cheesy covers of old VHS horror films that were prohibited by mom and dad. It was something about those years, those years that had to be played back.”


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Tomorrow from Cavity Colors 💔 Harry’s out to steal your heart… BUY OR DIE!

Get your popcorn ready! 🍿 A very bloody valentine edition of BUY or DIE (72 hour series) from Cavity Colors will arrive tomorrow. Prepare your eyeballs… This design will be available for 3 days only! After 3 days, it will vanish forever. That’s the nature of this 72 hour series. You’ll have to BUY… or DIE!

“Cross your heart…and hope to die.”



The Green Inferno (2013, USA / Chile)

The Green Inferno (2013)

The Green Inferno is the horror director’s homage to the Italian cannibal films of the 1970s and 1980s. Those films, such as Cannibal Holocaust, Make Them Die Slowly and Eaten Alive were in turn influenced by the sub-genre of Mondo films. These films showed actual executions, animal slaughter and other graphic scenes of barbarity. While these movies portrayed indigenous and primitive peoples in an unflattering light, the invading Western protagonists also committed unspeakable acts of violence, leading the audience to wonder who the real savages were.

“No good deed goes unpunished.”


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Run for Your Life! Fright-Rags Presents PLASTIC FANG

Run for Your Life! Fright-Rags Presents PLASTIC FANG

The Plastic Fang collection is a place within Fright-Rags that allows their team to create t-shirts that do not fit the horror genre specifically. When was the last time you saw a really cool, original shirt for Little Monsters, The Wizard or The Running Man?

“We take the shit, we smash the shit, and then we put the shit back.”


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Stephen King’s MISERY and CREEPSHOW Merchandise from Fright-Rags

Stephen King's MISERY and CREEPSHOW Merchandise from Fright-Rags

For all you “cockadoodie” Stephen King fans, there’s nothing to worry about. Shh darlings, trust us… Fright-Rags have teamed with artist Robert Giusti to bring the Misery dust jacket from the 1987 novel to t-shirts and hoodies. Fright-Rags’ Creepshow collection is the frosting on the cake. It ain’t meteor shit, you lunkhead!

“Oh, my goodness! Heavens to Betsy!”



Super Dark Times (2017, USA)

Super Dark Times (2017)

Sometimes in film, a mood or feeling transcends the writing, itself. Kevin Philips’ debut feature, Super Dark Times is one of those films. The overall moodiness and aura of this teenage drama/horror film creates a skin-crawling dread that stuck with me long after viewing it. Super Dark Times is a teenage drama film that feels closer to horror at many points, and because of this, may scare off some fans of either genre. It is also extremely well-crafted and wonderfully moody, which is why it is a film that should definitely not be overlooked.

“If anybody asks, we’re already fucked.”


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An Interview with Director Liam O’Donnell, Beyond Skyline (Part II: Hydraulx VFX, Aliens vs. Predator)

Discussing Hydraulx VFX and Film/TV Influences with Director Liam O'Donnell, Beyond Skyline

Continuing from our previous interview, Attack from Planet B talked with Liam O’Donnell about his previous projects for Hydraulx VFX, and the various influences that have helped shape him as a filmmaker, and his well-received follow-up to Skyline; the aptly titled Beyond Skyline.

“You can’t really get away from Aliens when you are making a movie like this… There is a lot of the hive/powerplant sequence vibe with the eggs, the methylcellulose slime, and the latex webbing.”