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Alice, Sweet Alice (Slasher Classics Collection) on Blu-ray 9th July from 88 Films

Alice, Sweet Alice (Slasher Classics Collection) on Blu-ray 9th July from 88 Films

When ten-year-old Karen is killed in church on the occasion of her first communion, her seemingly innocent older sister Alice becomes the prime suspect. After 88 Films’ first ever uncut UK DVD release of Alice, Sweet Alice, the British distributor has returned to Alfred Sole’s 1976 slasher classic with a new restoration – scanned at 2K resolution from a 35mm print – which we hope will give this American giallo the recognition it deserves.

“If you survive this night… Nothing will scare you again.”



Torso (1973, Italy) Shameless Blu-ray Review

Torso (1973) Shameless Blu-ray

I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale; literally translated as The Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence, is an Italian giallo directed by Sergio Martino. Released in the United States as Torso in 1973, Martino’s artistic direction combined feverish sexuality and visually striking violence into a film that predates the American slasher subgenre. Perhaps then, the slasher owes a lot more to the Italian giallo than it is usually given credit for?

“Enter… if you dare the bizarre world of the psychosexual mind.”



A Bay of Blood (1971, Italy)

A Bay of Blood (1971)

Originally released in 1971, A Bay of Blood was later refused certification from the BBFC in 1972, ensuring that the film could not be shown at any cinema within the United Kingdom. Fast forward to 1984, and the unmonitored home video market was beginning to find traction with consumers. Bava’s A Bay of Blood would finally find a UK audience upon it’s simultaneous release on VHS and Betamax (from Hokushin under the title Blood Bath) that same year.

“Diabolical! Fiendish! Savage… You may not walk away from this one!”