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Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell Official UK Trailer from Terror Cotta

The cellar door has been opened and the official UK trailer for Shinichi Fukazawa’s splatter masterpiece Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell has escaped!

Trapped inside an old haunted property, a body builder (Shinichi Fukazawa) finds himself tormented by a relentless ghost with a 30 year grudge in Shinichi Fukazawa’s tongue-in-cheek splatter comedy. Affectionately known as The Japanese Evil Dead, Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell pays tribute to the enduring spirit of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series; featuring an incompetent, square-jawed anti-hero and grungy stop-motion effects. You can read the Attack from Planet B review here.

Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell (2009)

Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell will be released on the 24th April 2017 by Terracotta’s Asian horror label ‘Terror Cotta‘; available for the first time on DVD with English subtitles (Cert TBC). DVD Special Features include a step-by-step artwork gallery by Graham Humphreys (The Evil Dead / A Nightmare on Elm Street), original Japanese trailers, an extensive behind-the-scenes photo gallery and two ‘making of’ video clips.

Find out more about the body builder’s daily workout and ghost killing tips on Twitter: @BM_bodybuilder

DVD Special Features:

• From Sketch to Scary: ‘Groovy’ Artwork by Graham Humphreys
• Original Japanese Audio with English Subtitles
• Original Japanese Trailers
• Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery
• Dismemberment of a Scene
• Clip 1: Losing Your Head
• Clip 2: Hands Off My Skeleton
• Asian horror movies out now from Terror Cotta

“…a stand out cult classic in the making.” 8/10
The Rotting Zombie

“A cracking, gory, Japanese slice of horror heaven.” 7/10
The Geek Legion of Doom

“…gory, insane and fun. Sayonara, baby…”
Infernal Cinema

Bloody Muscle Body Builder in Hell on DVD in April 2017