Dead 7 (2016, USA)

Dead 7 (2016)

“Larger than Life!” Wow, if there ever was a less promising tagline for a zombie Twistern, I can’t recall it. Hopefully, whoever came up with it will work on expanding their creative writing skills. BTW, I know that’s a reference to a Backstreet Boys song, but still. How do I know? Well, I didn’t; I looked it up and I’m choosing to take the word of the Interwebz. It’s right 100% of the time, isn’t it?

“Everybody’s gotta die someday…”

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The Vineyard (1989, USA / Canada)

The Vineyard (1989)

I can’t even begin to discuss 1989’s The Vineyard without first discussing the undisputed talent of James Hong. With a filmography that has spanned over six decades, it is Hong’s portrayal of the legendary sorcerer Lo Pan in John Carpenter’s Big Trouble in Little China (1986) that has become the most iconic.

“An island of death fueled by the blood of its victims.”

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Cube (1997, Canada)

Cube (1997)

Directed and co-written by Vincenzo Natali, Cube is a Canadian science fiction horror released in 1997. Significant for being the Canadian Film Centre’s (CFC) first feature film, and Natali’s feature length directional debut, Cube has polarised audiences since release due in part to it’s ‘kafkaesque’ setting; a surreal, industrial cube-shaped design.

“The only way out lies within your own mind.”

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Ran (1985, Japan / France)

Ran (1985)

Kurosawa’s epic movie Ran is a cinematic masterpiece that has survived the test of time. Dazzling cinematography on the mountain slopes and volcanic plains of Kyushu and spectacular battle scenes earned Kurosawa a Best Director Oscar nomination and made Ran the most expensive Japanese movie ever produced.

“In a mad world only the mad are sane.”

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Support Down by Kontact on Kickstarter (Become a Zombie!)

Down by Kontact by Mathew Myers and Dixie Filloy

The year is 1996. Four inebriated friends plan to dominate a local arcade tournament but soon find themselves stalked by the undead, struggling to survive in a terrifying nightmare inspired by George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, and the Pre-Code horror films of the 1930’s.

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Our Kind of Traitor (2016, UK)

Our Kind of Traitor (2016)

With the legion of fans garnered by the recent TV adaptation of novelist John le Carre’s The Night Manager, now would seem to be a fortuitous time for distributors to be releasing Our Kind of Traitor, another adaptation which may serve to alleviating the pangs of ‘le Carre withdrawal’.

“Who can you trust with the truth?”

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